Basics Workshop

These five day workshops will concentrate on basic hand skills, marking out, material preparation, joint cutting and sharpening. There is a small amount of machine usage.

The workshop is designed as a good introduction for those interested in pursuing woodworking as a serious hobby. Content of the Basics Workshops is the same. The School is co-ordinating a separate Hall Table Workshop in the week following some of the week-long Basics classes as a natural progression, should you decide to continue on.

Materials, tools, and refreshments provided.

Cost: $1,400.00 for each of the Basics Workshops.

Dates: 15/11/21 – 19/11/21 (5 days)
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Basics Workshop

Hall Table Workshop

The Hall Table Workshop is a six-day course. While it is a natural progression from The Basics Workshop, it is not necessary for students to have completed The Basics Workshop before doing The Hall Table Workshop. As the title suggests, we will be concentrating on building a hall table, in a simple, elegant design. Emphasis will be on quality of construction and finish. The students will be introduced to machinery in this workshop as well as developing and honing their hand skills.

Materials, tools, and refreshments provided.

Cost: $1,600.00 for each of the Hall Table Workshops.

Dates:  08/11/21 – 13/11/21 (6 days)

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6 Day Make Your Own Dovetail Saw

This 6 day course will take students through the processes involved in producing a beautiful customised saw with either 18 teeth per inch (TPI) or 24 TPI. You will be supplied all materials for the components of the saw including brass, spring steel, screws and timber for the handle. The course tutor, Paul Nicholson, has been teaching this skill for 10 years and has its detailing down to a fine art. As a personal note, every dovetail I have ever cut was with my handmade dovetail saw made at the Sturt School for Wood back in 1994. Paul, also a Sturt graduate, refined the process and design to make it his own, creating an incredible tool which will give you a life-time of enjoyment. When the saws are completed, we will spend time teaching you how to cut dovetails nicely with your new saw.

Class size is limited to 5. The course will run from 9:30 – 4:30pm daily with an hour for lunch.

All tools and materials are provided, as are refreshments.

Cost: $1,300
Dates: 06/12/21 – 11/12/21 (6 days)
Time: 9.30am — 4.30pm

Dovetail Saw Workshop

6 Day Danish Weave Stool

The 6 day Danish weave course is essentially two courses in one, with two tutors! Myself and Andrew Ness (@handmade660) will take students through the process of a making a beautifully simple stool in solid white oak, incorporating traditional joinery techniques and finishing in soap in preparation for an 8 strand checker weave in Danish paper cord. Students will walk away with a wealth of knowledge as well as a beautiful heirloom piece after six days.

Class size is limited to 4. The course will run from 9:30 – 4:30pm daily with an hour for lunch.

All tools and materials provided as are refreshments.

Cost: $1,600
Dates: 13/12/21 – 18/12/21
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

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Casual classes

These classes will, over time, take students from a zero knowledge base to a strong competency level in the use of their hand tools, marking out procedures, joint cutting, machine use and finishing, via a series of projects set by the School. The projects are simple in nature but exacting in execution and will help develop the student’s appreciation for quality work. The rate of learning will depend on the frequency of attendance.

Students can choose to attend a Saturday, a Monday, a Friday or any combination, depending on their needs and available space in the class.

Of course, a one or two day lesson will barely scrape the surface of the amount that can be learnt, so we encourage students to consider structuring their tuition to their needs. Some students like to come one Saturday a month, some like to do a couple of Saturdays or Mondays a month, and some can only do a day a month. Whatever your requirements, we will try to work with you.

Casual 6 day block classes
Students can choose to purchase six casual day classes in advance, to be used at their leisure on either Fridays or Saturdays or Mondays, spaces permitting. This allows a considerable saving on the Casual day classes as individual classes.

Cost: $1400 per block of six one-day lessons


With prior arrangement, The Brisbane School of Fine Woodwork is happy to conduct One-on-One classes.

Cost: $110 per hour