Spring Workshops 2013

BSFW’s Spring Workshops will be starting in October and running into November with the 5 day Basics Class, 6 day Hall Table and an exciting new addition, the 10 day Tool Cabinet Class. This class will be run weekdays over two weeks full time, and we are looking forward to seeing beautiful pieces produced.

BSFW is located in the stunning Samford Valley and is currently taking enrolments for these exciting workshops. ForĀ more information, or to book a class, head to the School section of this website.

Introducing the CPH Collection

CPH full set

The CPH Collection is a range of more affordable handmade furniture for clients who don’t necessarily want a one-off design. The design of the CPH range harks back to my Danish origins and will be strong, quiet companions in anybody’s home. The range reflects simplicity, austerity and minimalism, utilising strict design parameters with an emphasis on quality construction.

More information on the range can be found here.

New website

I’m very excited to launch my new website, which has been redesigned to improve navigation and usability. The aim for this new site is to have three very distinct sections for the School of Fine Woodwork, my Collection and my Custom folio. This also marks my debut on Twitter, so you can follow me if that’s your thing.

I hope you like it as much as I do. Feel free to send me any feedback and suggestions.

Thanks goes to Oblong + Sons for the design and development.

Japan and Juhl in January

Juhl's home

Finn Juhl was a leading figure of Danish design, known for his work in architecture, interior, industrial and furniture design. His groundbreaking contributions to furniture design have brought him worldwide acclaim. To celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday, the Finn Juhl Art Museum Club in Gifu, Japan, unveiled their life-sized replica of Finn Juhl’s Danish home. I was honoured to be invited to the opening event and overjoyed at the chance to return to Japan.

Autumn Workshops 2012

Box guitar

In addition to our two regular workshops, The School of Fine Woodwork will be joined in April by guest tutor Gerry Coon for a special six-day workshop to make a box guitar.

The school is located in the Samford Valley and is currently taking enrolments for all three Autumn 2012 workshops. For more information, or to book a class, head to the School section of this site.