Hall Table Workshops

The Hall Table Workshop is a six-day course. While it is a natural progression from The Basics Workshop, it is not necessary for students to have completed The Basics Workshop before doing The Hall Table Workshop. As the title suggests, we will be concentrating on building a hall table, in a simple, elegant design. Emphasis will be on quality of construction and finish. The students will be introduced to machinery in this workshop as well as developing and honing their hand skills.

Materials, tools, and refreshments provided.

Cost: $1,600.00 for each of the Hall Table Workshops.

Summer Hall Table Workshop ~ 17/02/20 – 22/02/20 (6 days)

Autumn Hall Table Workshop ~ 02/03/20 – 07/03/20 (6 days)

Winter Hall Table Workshop ~ 22/06/20 – 27/06/20 (6 days)

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