Casual classes

These classes will, over time, take students from a zero knowledge base to a strong competency level in the use of their hand tools, marking out procedures, joint cutting, machine use and finishing, via a series of projects set by the School. The projects are simple in nature but exacting in execution and will help develop the student’s appreciation for quality work. The rate of learning will depend on the frequency of attendance.

The casual classes typically run on Saturdays in the form of the Casual 6 Day Block. With prior arrangement and with at least two students, the School occasionally conducts classes on Sundays.

Casual 6 day block classes
Students can choose to purchase a 6 day block to use at their leisure on Saturdays (and occasionally on Sundays with a minimum of two Students). The only requirement is that Students have made a prior booking. Class size is limited to four Students.

Cost: $1,500 per block of six one-day lessons


With prior arrangement, The Brisbane School of Fine Woodwork is happy to conduct One-on-One classes.

Cost: $200 per hour


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